What to Look for in Your First Road Bike

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Cycling is a great form of exercise and a quick, easy way to travel short distances in the city or surrounding suburbs. However, many people who try to get into cycling as adults find themselves confused as to what bike to actually get. Many terms are thrown at you, but one that will keep coming up is the term 'road bikes'. These are bicycles that are, as the name suggests, meant to be used on flat, man-made surfaces, preferably a road. These are different from the more well-known type of bicycles known as mountain bikes, which are more off-road focused.

Here are a few key areas you should look at when buying your first road bike.

Get Tires With the Right Width

Many people go overboard when buying their first road bike and get tires that are razer thin, just like the professionals they might see on television. The problem is that while those tires are useful, they are harder to control and require more effort to peddle. As it is your first road bike, you should look for tires that are a little bit wider. Not as wide or rugged as a mountain bike tires, but wider than those used by the uber-competitive bikers that do it professionally.

Try the Seat Before You Buy It

Having a seat that you find comfortable is one of the most important features when buying road bikes, and all-too-often in this day and age people will buy a bike online without testing it for themselves. Go and feel the seat so that you know what you are getting into. See if you can test a friends bicycle out to see if their seat suits you, and listen to advise from those who have done it all before. Never buy a bicycle without feeling the seat; you are simply asking for trouble. Also, make sure that it is adjustable to your preferred height, because if you are on the taller side you may need to get a special bike.

Get the Right Frame for the Right Body

The actual dimensions of the bike, and how the rider sits on it, are very important to your overall experience. To those new to the sport, this can sound strange, as you may think of a bike as just another mode of transport like a car or motorbike. A bicycle is not the same, however, many different types of frames offer advantages for shorter, taller, more relaxed or sporty people, and each person has a different preference. In addition to testing the seat, make sure you feel the bike and don't just buy the first one you see. If the road bikes you test feel odd, it is not just in your head. You should keep looking until you find one that fits perfectly.

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