Everything You Need to Know About Turbo and Boost Controls for Your Motorcycle

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For motorcycle enthusiasts, it feels good to have a machine that performs to its absolute best. It also helps when the bike comes with accessories that keep it performing at top-notch at all times. One way you can do this is by ensuring that your motorcycle has a turbo boost for its engine. Essentially, the boost refers to positive pressure or displacement that forces more air to enter the engine for more combustion. The resulting bigger bang means that you get more power than you would if your engine didn't have the boost. The following pieces centres on the details of turbo and boost controls to help you make the most of your motorcycle: 

What Are the Basics of Turbo Chargers?

Undoubtedly, the turbos used on motorcycles differ on a couple of elements. They differ in size, type and performance efficiency. Large turbos deliver lots of airflow, but their size causes significant lag on the motorcycle. On the other hand, smaller turbos will need a higher level of boost to achieve a specific level of airflow. The lag on the latter is minimalist. 

When choosing, pay attention to the efficiency range of the turbo mechanism in relation to the airflow. The range shows where the turbo best produces maximum power without overheating and over speeding. Your mechanic or technician at the accessory centre will advise on the best rating for your specific unit. 

What Is the Working Mechanism of a Boost Control? 

It would help if you start by understanding the mechanical aspects of the boost control elements. Essentially, the control comes with an actuator that converts boost pressure into mechanical action, pushing the turbo's wastegate open. The wastegate comes with a specialised spring that is set to particular boost pressure. Your boost pressure must go beyond the spring pressure before the components can open the wastegate and regulate the boost delivered to the engine. 

What Do You Know About the Wastegate? 

There are two types of wastegates, internal and external. However, both of them serve the same function regardless of their nature and type. The purpose of the wastegate on a turbo charge system is to open up and allow the flow of exhaust gases around the turbo. Internal wastegates sit within the turbo compartment. On the other hand, the external wastegates are an independent unit bolted to the exhaust manifold of the motorcycle. Both of them are positioned strategically to run the exhaust over the turbo unit.

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